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Meet Billie

Billie the Therapy Dog (She/Her)


Hi I’m Billie! I’m a Kelpie/Labrador Cross, and an accredited Therapy Dog. I have been working with young people for four years alongside Sammy, and I am extremely passionate about helping young people through tough times. I am a rescue dog, and I had a really tough start to life. I know what it’s like to be scared and untrusting of people – and I know what it’s like when traumatic memories get stored in your body.

In 2020 I had cancer, and I lost my leg. So I also know a thing or two about resilience, gratitude and the importance of having a good support network (like my mum). I absolutely love eating. I have a bottomless stomach and will eat anything I’m allowed to. My other hobbies include going for (slow) walks, chasing sticks in the park, lying in the sun for hours like a lizard; and begging for tummy rubs.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy boasts many proven benefits, including:

· Improved fine motor skills, strength and balance

· Increased self-esteem and self-worth

· Reduced anxiety and depression

· Reduced experience of loneliness and isolation

· Reduced risk of a heart attack or stroke

· Improved interpersonal and communication skills

· Improved sense of purpose and motivation

In fact, just having a dog in session has been proven to reduce stress hormones and release oxytocin - the love chemical. Plus, Billie loves it too!


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