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meet Casey

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Casey Vannatter (She/Her)
BSpeechPathology, Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice 
Speech Pathologist | Art Therapist


Hello, I am Casey! A new face at Rainbow Muse in 2022! I am currently studying for my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice at MIECAT and will be undertaking student placement throughout the year.


With a background in speech pathology (BSpeechPathology, La Trobe and Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist), I have spent more than 15 years in schools and private settings, empowering individuals as they develop their communication abilities. In my work, I value the process of co-learning and fostering relationships with the young people and families I support.


The change in direction from speech pathology into art therapy is, in fact, not a huge change at all! I view both practices with the same lens: everyone should feel safe to honour who they are and where they come from. Using the language of creativity, I am drawn to art therapy as another form of expression. It is another way for us to understand ourselves and often feel liberated in the process.


I am passionate about ensuring safety and security in my practices. I embrace collaboration, diversity, non judgment, and the powerful wisdom of embodied knowing (how our bodies hold our experiences). My generosity of spirit underpins my exploratory approach and I enjoy having fun in the process.

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Honing my skills as an art therapist, I am interested in exploring patterns of emotional experiencing and reflecting on personal meaning through multimodal at making. Feeling into what matters, I am curious about what it is like to lead with the heart, and reflect on our own needs, values and lived experience. I strongly believe that no matter your background or experience, everyone has a meaningful story to be told. Creativity can aid us in telling our personal narratives.


I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Rainbow Muse family.

If you happen to see me around, please feel free to offer a warm hello! 

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