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Meet jackie

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Jackie Maya 

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

B.Psych, B.Psych (Honours), M.Psych (Ed & Dev), Assoc.M.A.P.S 


I am a registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). I have had extensive experience working with pre-schoolers, school aged children and adolescents in private and school settings. I have also had experience working in research settings at La Trobe University. In this role, I had the privilege of walking alongside neurodivergent children and their families where I learned about the needs of neurodivergent children further. It was this experience that first ignited a passion for working with neurodivergent people and listening to their lived experience to guide supports.

I also have a passion for working with individuals with a lived experience of trauma (including developmental trauma and one incident trauma), adoption, foster care, grief and loss, infant mental health and children with unwell parents. Getting to meet and spend time with some of the bravest people in our community is the reason I love this work. It is a privilege to be able to sit with people of all walks of life to help process trauma and integrate it into a 'life story'. 

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I have an interest in working with primary carers with a history of intergenerational trauma who wish to help end the cycle of trauma, by strengthening relationships with their own children. I have been lucky enough to support young children (12 months old and onwards) to strengthen family relationships and have borne witness to the incredible progress that can occur when families are supported to access early trauma informed care. 

I use a warm, compassionate and client centred approach to therapy and believe that people do the best that they can with the resources they have. I am passionate about supporting people to build their resources using a strength-based and collaborative approach to therapy. I draw on a variety of different modalities to support people towards wellbeing (such as Trauma Informed Care, Theraplay, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). I aim to provide a safe therapeutic space where your feedback to therapy is valued and respected.  


I have had previous experience supporting neurodivergent people with assessments in order to be able to access further support. I aim to provide an approach to assessments where individual difficulties can be further understood and strengths are emphasised and celebrated. I am passionate about collaborating with parents, other important adults and service providers to support sustainable change for children.