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Children's Therapy Services

Chenai Mupotsa Art Therapy Melbourne Photo by Me&MyGirl

Rainbow Muse offers therapy for all ages but we are particularly passionate about working with children. Rainbow Muse Therapy for Kids is for 3 - 12 year-olds (sometimes with their parent or caregiver).


Navigating the world when you're little and still making sense of things can be stressful enough and children sometimes require additional support, care and attention. Issues might include:

Feelings of anxiety

Difficulty paying attention or ADD/ADHD

Autism, neurodiversity and seeing the world a little differently from other children

Troubles with Sensory Processing 

Gender incongruence 

Bullying behaviour or being the victim of a bully

Social Struggles

Disruptive Behavior 

Self-esteem issues

Emotions feel big because they don't know how to express them

Rainbow Muse encourages play and curiosity, creating a safe and nurturing space for children to explore, be heard, work through what may be troubling them and learn healthier coping strategies. Art therapy and play therapy are effective forms of psychotherapy/counselling for a wide range of childhood emotional, behavioural, social and psychological difficulties. 

Rainbow Muse Kids Therapy can help children:

Increase empathy and connection

Learn how to express emotions in different ways

Gain confidence 

Reduce feelings of anxiety 

Make sense of their inner world

Develop more positive self-talk

Exercise self-control and reduce impulsivity

Increase resilience 

Improve fine motor skills 

Learn better coping strategies 

Increase capacity to make appropriate choices and decisions

 Chenai Mupotsa Rainbow Muse Art Therapy Melbourne Photo by Me&MyGirl

Rainbow Muse also offers yoga for kids! Yoga increases confidence, builds concentration and strengthens growing bodies. For children with behavioural issues, it can also improve impulse control and provide an outlet to manage their behaviour. Kids gain better body awareness, breath awareness and ability to integrate calm into their lives. The additional physical benefits include improved coordination and balance, and use of a wide range of muscles,  encouraging motor development. For more information visit Cosmic Kids Yoga

The social, emotional and cognitive benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased attention span and improved concentration

  • Increased oxygen circulation to body and brain during practice

  • Improved ability to deal with daily anxiety and stress by incorporating relaxation and breathing techniques

  • Improved relationships and social awareness through group and partner work

  • Encouraging healthy sleep patterns through relaxing the body and lengthening the breath

  • Helping align body and mind, giving kids a great introduction to mindfulness.

Kids Yoga can be done with your child as part of their therapy package or classes can be held for schools, organisations and community groups. Please note: class sizes will vary depending on the children's needs. To discuss, contact me.

Rainbow Muse Chenai Mupotsa Art Therapy Melbourne Photo by Me&MyGirl