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MIECAT Graduation Hooray!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

In 2016 I started my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice at The MIECAT Institute. At the time of my application I worked in Council Youth Services and had witnessed Art Therapy in action during an 8 week program for young women. I saw the girls explore, express, feel, cry, accept each other, make space for each other and just be magical together. I was SOLD! Starting at MIECAT was like arriving home. The experiential learning format was like learning through play. It also invited us to feel and be. Soon after starting I moved into a role in outreach with a youth organisation working in early intervention crime prevention. I worked with young people referred by the police, I gave each one a visual diary and as I learned to express multi-modally so did they.

Fast forward to the creation and implementation of art therapy in youth mental health. By then I worked at headspace Knox. My Manager was supportive and gave me the opportunity to start an art therapy program as part of my placement incorporating it into my existing role. My report was titled "Look at all the rainbows" and told of my learning that year and the integration of mental health service provision using a medal model with the MIECAT Form of Inquiry. I finished in 2018 and in early 2019 Rainbow Muse was born.

Now we reach the end of the journey (for now). I had my official graduation yesterday. This graduation for some reason has meant more than any other. And in this journey I learned just as much about myself as I did about working with others; creatively and relationally.

Thank you MIECAT, all my teachers and all the wonderful people I studied with. And Thank you to all my Rainbow Muse clients I have begun work with. Next step spreading whimsy and love and a Phd!

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