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yoga self-care

I am just back from a few days away. I have been working crazy hours managing both my other role and the growing amazingness of all my Rainbow Muse clients. It's a wonderful place to be having two roles I love and doing work I love, but the next step is getting a bit of balance. Working with people, often at the most vulnerable times in their lives, requires being your best self. Your best self is rested and well looked after. I am a massive fan of self-care, not as a lovely treat you give yourself but as a way of life. This means the basics of ensuring you have adequate sleep, hydration and nutrition, and embedding practises into your life that nurture you. For me this is meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, doing basic tasks mindfully and generally being kind to myself. Here is some self-care inspiration. Follow Rainbow Muse on Instagram for regular self-care reminders!

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