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meet rawinia

Rawinia Pierce
Therapeutic Support Worker
BA, PGDipPsych (Community) 

Ko Taratara te Maunga

Ko Mamari te Waka

Ko O Tangaroa te Moana

Ariki ā ko Kahukura Ariki te Marae

Ko Ngāti Kahu Ki Whangaroa te Iwi

Taratara is my Mountain

Mamari is my Canoe

O Tangaroa is my Ocean

Ariki and Kahukura Ariki are my Tribal meeting houses

Ngāti Kahu Ki Whangaroa is my Tribe

Iwi (New Zealand Tribal) Affiliation: Ngāti Kahu Ki Whangaroa, Ngāti Porou, Te Whānau-A-Kai, Te Aitanga A Mahaki

My name is Rawinia she/her. I am of Māori and Irish Australian descent. I was born and raised at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. From a very young age, I felt the inequity and devastating impact of colonisation all around me. Although too young to comprehend the colonial systems and structures of power, I felt the detrimental effect of them being raised as a young Māori woman in a non-Māori rural New Zealand community.


My life experiences led me to pursue academia, which led me to Community psychology. Community Psychology’s values and core principles are what I feel best align with my worldview and values as a proud indigenous woman. I am on my pathway to registration as a community psychologist, having recently returned to Melbourne, where I currently work as a therapeutic youth worker and now a support worker with Rainbow Muse clinic!


I am an advocate for the utilisation of indigenous psychology, knowledge systems and ways of being - with each other and our environment to promote better health outcomes for all people. I have an intrinsic interest and passion for traditional indigenous health and wellbeing practices. I am also passionate about anti-racism work, social justice, music, the arts and travel.


I am deeply invested in contributing to the establishment of equality for all marginalised groups. I believe my gift of mātauranga māori (Indigenous New Zealand knowledge systems) will assist me greatly in championing equitable health outcomes for all marginalised and oppressed groups.


I have worked across Australasia in hospitality which has strengthened my skill set considerably. I am an empathetic and compassionate people person, I thrive off supporting and empowering individuals and communities to honour themselves, their culture and their cultural values. I believe it is essential to continuously question the colonial systems and structures perpetuating violence against marginalised groups.


Through safe community led and driven, acknowledgement, incorporation and utilisation of indigenous and cultural knowledge systems, methodologies and practices of healing. I believe we can achieve equitable and sustainable well-rounded, holistic health outcomes for all people.


I believe there is no one “right” or “correct” way of being in this world and look forward greatly to working with the Rainbow Muse Clinic community.


Tertiary Qualifications 

BA 2020 The Univeristy of Waikato New Zealand

major in Psychology

minor in Māori language/Te Reo Māori


PgDip Psychology (Community) 2021 New Zealand