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Meet Lucy

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Lucy Hotchin (She/Her)

BPA(honours), MTAP(Therapy), AThR

Art Therapist | Lived Experience Consultant


I first discovered my passion for art therapy coming from the other side, as a patient and client. Communicating my experiences solely through verbal language had been difficult and confronting, and art therapy allowed me to express myself in other ways. It supported me to make connections and understand these experiences.

I studied theatre for my undergraduate degree and have always focused on exploring non-verbal communication and the ways we connect and relate beyond the spoken word. We spend a lot of time in our day-to-day lives communicating verbally, however this isn’t necessarily the easiest, safest or most succinct way. Working in an art therapy space allows for other communication avenues to develop and helps hold our complex experiences.

I am passionate about supporting people living with mental illness and disabilities, people experiencing life on the edge of the mainstream, people who engage in different ways and who might need support finding their way. I love helping anyone who does not fit in society’s prescribed boxes find their magic, supporting them to value and navigate their experiences in the safest and best way possible.

I believe connection and authenticity are crucial when finding ways to support ourselves. As a person with lived experience of mental illness I centre validation at the core of my work, and focus on providing a space where I can meet people where they’re at. I have gained a deep knowledge and understanding of both the private and public psychiatric systems as a client, and know firsthand that the current mainstream medical model does not necessarily give voice or space to those who experience it. Validation, compassion and the belief I have capacity and capability have been essential in my own mental health journey, and I bring these ideas with me into the heart of my therapeutic work. As a queer human, I am passionate about supporting those on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

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After studying my undergraduate degree of Performing Arts at Monash University (Honours), I found my way to The MIECAT Institute where I completed my Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice (Therapy). Thus began the formation of my two professional contexts. One with a focus on lived experienced consultancy/ peer work and the other one as a therapist. Though they intersect in my practice they can often be strangers in the world of mental health professionals. As part of my training I did a year long placement in a youth mental health setting. This helped solidify my clinical practise and strengthen my confidence and abilities as a therapist. It is one of my goals to practice in a way that diverts from the idea of helpers and people who need help. We are all walking along this road together.

Since I began working, I have experienced the magic of many different people and look forward to continuing this work. I currently support NDIS and private clients one-on-one in my role at Rainbow Muse. When I am not Rainbow Musing I facilitate a fortnightly youth art group for Stonnington Council and I also work at a high school one day a week as their in-house Art Therapist providing one-on-one and group art therapy. I work with as many modalities as possible, from clay to painting

and drawing, and am always looking for whatever modalities best supports the person I am working with.

In my spare time I practice handcrafts, from embroidery to punch needle and crochet. These have given me a space I can turn to when in need of support, healing, safety, entertainment and solace. They remain a core passion and have been a wonderful way for me to connect to a broader community online and in person.


  • Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours

  • Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice (Therapy stream)



  • Getting Unstuck: Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

  • Autistic Girls and Women: Camouflage subtype: Attwood and Garnett Events

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