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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Rainbow Muse Chenai Mupotsa Art Therapy Melbourne Photo by Me&MyGirl
About NDIS

Australia's NDIS helps people with a permanent disability (who are under 65 and have support) access services that boost their independence, wellbeing and employment. Along with enriching people's everyday lives, NDIS offers family members and carers information and guidance for further community support. Rainbow Muse is an NDIS Registered Provider in the State of Victoria.

Services provided under the NDIS

Registration groups available through Rainbow Muse are:

  • Therapeutic Supports (Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living)

  • Innovative Community Participation (Core Supports: Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities)

Therapeutic supports include Art Therapy and Counselling. Art Therapy is an allied health profession and works with psychological and physical wellbeing using a creative process. Counselling provides clients and carers with assistance to understand and manage situations, behaviours and relationships associated with their need for care and mental health.


Therapeutic supports help people gain skills and improve independence in areas such as language and communication, personal care, interpersonal interactions and community living. This supports positive changes in the person's functioning, development and well-being.


Rainbow Muse supports people to achieve their goals in informed, safe environments, with no artistic skill required. The process can include visual art making, mindfulness, yoga, dance/movement, play therapy, creative writing and expression through sounds and music. Work can happen individually or within a group. Community inclusion, physical aspects, and daily living skills can also be included. 

Rainbow Muse also offers small group art therapy sessions for NDIS Participants. To join the waitlist for our next group please click below 

Get in touch with Rainbow Muse to find out how services can be provided for your clients. For more details of Therapy options with Rainbow Muse, and information of Art Therapy and the NDIS click below.

Rainbow Muse Chenai Mupotsa Art Therapy Melbourne Photo by Me&MyGirl
How do I access these services?

People can nominate Rainbow Muse as their preferred provider on the NDIS Portal, or add Rainbow Muse to an NDIS Plan, our provider number is 4050048001. 


If you are an NDIS Manager or Case Coordinator you can fill out the referral form below and email it to chenai@rainbowmuse.com.au


You can also call (03) 8538 1445  to discuss you or your clients NDIS plan and how Rainbow Muse can enhance and support.

Home visits are available for NDIS clients in Melbourne 

Rainbow Muse Chenai Mupotsa Art Therapy Melbourne Photo by Me&MyGirl
How will payments be made?

Under the NDIS there would be NO gap payment (you would not be out of pocket at all). This comes out of your NDIS funding for each individual session you participate in at the end of each month.
Participants under this scheme are encouraged to choose the number of sessions, I see participants for as few as 4 and as many as 30 sessions depending on their NDIS allocation for Therapeutic Supports and how much of it they wish to use working with me. A Service Agreement will be created once the participant knows how many sessions and how often they would like them. 

We accept different methods of payments for the supports:

  •  If you are Self Managing your funds, then you can pay the invoices directly on the day of your visit or be invoiced

  •  If you have a Plan Nominee/ Management Provider help to manage your NDIS funding for you, then they would pay the invoices to Rainbow Muse. 

  •  If you are Managed by NDIA: whereby the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages your funding, then the NDIA pays the invoices. 

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