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Introducing Lucy!

Hello! My name’s Lucy and I’m an art therapist working and creating in Melbourne, Victoria. I spent a year working with Chenai when she supervised my final year placement for my Masters course, it was an incredible year and a wonderful connection to make. I’m really happy and excited to be working with Chenai and Rainbow Muse.

What I can bring

I’m very passionate about working together with clients to make safe spaces where they can reflect and process how they experience and engage with the world. I believe that everyone’s journey is valuable and if there isn’t space for you to feel supported, then I’d like to work with you to make a space where you feel supported. This means that I want to work with you to make our time together a safe space for you specifically.

To help this, I use art and creativity to develop connection and opportunities for reflection and discovery. In sessions we can use lots of different art materials including pencils, paints, collage, and play dough to name a few. Sometimes speaking is difficult, not enough, or not possible – so using art methods can help us more than words might.

Often, sessions are a mix of both, as we use different art materials to explore experiences and then bring in words to explore the artworks made and experiences related to them. I’ve found that this way of working is really helpful because we say so much outside of speaking, we communicate through body language and facial expressions, sounds and the art we create. When working with younger clients I use play therapy and imagination to help make connections, I focus on what a client feels comfortable with as a base to work from.

My journey so far…

I first began my journey into art therapy when I studied Performing Arts, I got to spend months and years engaged in creating, performing, writing and directing. This gave me a chance to see how much is communicated outside of just speaking.

Visual art, sound and movement all play parts in how we connect with ourselves and others and this is where my interest in art therapy was first sparked.

We as humans have complex emotions, experiences and beliefs and I’m really interested in supporting people to explore these and working with them to make the therapeutic relationship beneficial for them. This is important for everyone, children and adults alike, we deserve space to explore how we engage with the world.

Through my own experiences I have learnt that sometimes we don’t fit in with the mainstream spaces and systems we live in because we’re not all the same. However we are all still incredibly valuable humans.

I’m interested in helping people who also might fall outside of the mainstream system, because they’re just as deserving of help and space to see the magic inside themselves. We’re all complex and beautiful humans so we deserve space to realise this.

More about me

I’m a quiet colourful person who lives in the suburbs with my greyhound Roy, he’s a beautiful companion (he’s the best!) who enjoys sleeping ALL DAY. I love meeting people and connecting but also my time at home to recharge and relax. I’m a textile artist and sing in a choir, these activities help me stay connected to the world and give me great joy.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and working together to make a space where you feel safe. Your journey, your story is valid and valued and deserves attention, reflection, encouragement and celebration.

Rainbow Muse is excited to have Lucy on board. She is available to appointments and you can book by calling 03 8538 1445 or sending an email.

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