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Meet Anna

hello! My name is Anna (she/they) and I am the newest member of the Rainbow Muse Community!

what I care about (values) feeling safe respecting needs honest dialogue accessibility unmasking and showing up as we are curiosity and play acceptance

ways we might create and connect I am passionate about creating safe and accessible spaces for people to share their feelings and experiences in whatever form that takes - with or without words (spoken or written), through colour, image, movement, building Lego, flower petals, knots of thread, torn paper, clay, sand (literally anything!).

One of the reasons I love taking a creative approach to therapy is because of the many diverse, unique, subtle, bold, and spontaneous ways self-expression and understanding can emerge when we use materials. I see the therapy process as a collaborative one. I recognise that it takes time to feel safe and trust each other, and I try to be open and honest while navigating this process together. I bring my own lived experience of neurodivergence and Queerness to the space, and respect your lived experience and intersectional identities too - you are the expert of your own body, identities and story.

for transparency Here is some of what I bring:

  • an ongoing and evolving commitment to decolonising ways I think and work

  • previous work experience in the areas of mental health, neurodivergence, stroke and aphasia, acquired brain injury, disability, complex trauma, youth residential care and family violence

  • communication, cultural safety and accessibility are really important to me - I am open to working with interpreters, advocates, and/or safe people that support you if you need

  • some of my interests/passions include my cat, drawing, travel, film photography, music (a mix of Melbourne rock, punk, classical, Mexican cumbia, instrumental), sewing, mushroom pizza, poetry and making books/zines, philosophy and psychology

Qualifications Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice (Miecat Institute, 2022) Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Speech Pathology (2017) Relevant Training Autistic Pride and Community, Reframing Autism (2023) Artistic Holding of Bodies in Pain, Miecat Workshop (2023) Mental Health Conference, Yellow LadyBugs (2021, 2022 & 2023) Trans-affirming Practice, ACON Pride Training (2023) Cultural Bridging and Awareness with Robyn Latham, ANZACATA (2023) Circle of Security Training (2022) Gender & Sexuality, Minus 18 (2021) AUSLAN Level 1, Expression Australia (2021) Trauma-informed practice (ongoing)

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