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Online Sessions

Rainbow Muse now offering telehealth!

We're probably all feeling a bit uncertain right now. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in a lot of distressing news and unsettling changes, and situations like this can be especially hard for those of us with mental health concerns or who care for loved ones with additional needs.

It’s making us adapt to new ways of working that prioritise our health and wellbeing.

I've had to think hard about how to ensure I’m there for you all, throughout this period, because I know how important therapeutic supports are to your daily lives and those of your loved ones.

This is why I’ve started offering online video appointments, or telehealth

Telehealth is a new but well-respected practice that’s been found to be effective in situations where health practitioners can’t meet people face to face. It’s useful for remote areas, when you’re communicating with someone in another country, or for times like now, when you’re taking the expert advice of the World Health Organization and self-isolating at home.

How's it going to work?

It will be different for everyone. One of the principles behind everything I do is to adapt how I work to the needs of the person I'm with. Art therapy is a conversation, not a monologue.

Telehealth appointments will be no different. Between us, we’ll find the best way to adapt you or your loved one’s therapy to give the best possible outcome/session and continue the wonderful work we’re already doing.

Because we're on this journey together.

As the situation evolves, and the advice from the WHO and other health authorities becomes stronger, it seems likely we will all be staying at home. It’s possible this will happen soon. When this occurs, I will only be able to offer telehealth/online appointments for that period.

If you'd like to change your next appointment to be online, please email me. And if you'd like more information about telehealth, I have a new dedicated section on my website.

Stay well and be kind to each other, especially now.


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