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We offer mental health and therapy services with a bit of creativity and magic. 

About Us

The Rainbow Muse Clinic Pty Ltd is based in Naarm (Melbourne) and offers art therapy, psychology, child-centred play therapy, animal-assisted therapy  and yoga in an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity. 

We bring our mushy hearts and years of experience in a range of community and mental health contexts to tailor treatments to each individual’s needs. 

Sammy and Chenai had a vision of creating a woman-owned safe and inclusive practice where people can feel supported and accepted as they are. 

We love the idea of rainbows, because they don’t exist without rain, and sunshine. We believe that everyone has the capacity for magic; some people just need a little bit of help uncovering their sparkle.

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How did we get here?


Rainbow Muse was founded in 2019 by Chenai. She dreamt of establishing a magical therapeutic safe space where people who do not like, or fit into “boxes” could feel seen, heard and valued while on their mental health journey. Rainbow Muse grew beyond what she could have dreamed when she teamed up with Sammy, who had been busy building Girl and Dog Psychology.


These two best friends, who met working in youth mental health decided to marry their passion, love and fierceness into an even bigger dream. They joined forces to harness their strengths and their therapy practices into one. In 2022 Rainbow Muse Clinic was born, created from the beaming hearts of both Sammy and Chenai.


With a multidisciplinary approach, they are excited to come together and lead a team of whimsical caring therapists who share in their dream. At Rainbow Muse Clinic, we believe that lived experience always trumps academic learning, and we are committed to supporting, protecting, learning from, and empowering people from the bottom up.

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Whoever you are, whatever has happened and however you identify. You belong here. 

We provide therapeutic support, art therapy, counselling, psychology and yoga to young people and adults across Melbourne, Victoria. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Mental health, psychology and counselling

  • Art Therapy

  • Group programs

  • Counselling and grief support

  • Trauma-informed Yoga

  • Child Play Therapy

  • Neurodiversity Affirming Assessments

  • Psychological Supervision

  • Parenting Support. 

  • Training Programs

  • Support Work

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Rainbow Muse Clinc Logo


Rainbow Muse Clinc Logo
Rainbow Muse Clinc Logo
Rainbow Muse Clinc Logo
Rainbow Muse Clinc Logo


Individual therapy sessions are conducted using a variety of interventions including art therapy, psychological talk therapy, and child-centred play therapy. The team incorporate a trauma-informed lens in their approach, allowing for meaningful processing and exploration in a safe and supportive environment.



Groups can focus on a particular mental health concern.  Participants journey and process together. The team also utilise their extensive experience in youth and child mental health to craft developmentally-appropriate group and individual sessions for little ones and young people.

Workshops &

Personal and professional development workshops can concentrate on anything from team-building and workplace wellness, to increasing connection, innovation and vulnerability. They’re perfect for community organisations, businesses, retreats and special events, or anyone wishing to cultivate a culture of self-care and creativity.

We deliver training, reflective practice and supervision to individuals and organisations. Sammy is a Board Approved AHPRA Psychology supervisor. We have capacity to supervise students during their final Masters placements, and are particularly passionate about supporting students with lived experience, or from diverse backgrounds. 

Due to COVID-19 Rainbow Muse is currently not running any group programs. We are only offering individual therapy sessions. We will keep you updated as the situation changes. Click below to check our current availability for taking on new clients.

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