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meet jess

Jess Pisconeri (She/Her)

Bachelor of Arts 

Support Worker

Hi my names Jess! I am a new addition to the Rainbow Muse team but I have built some beautiful relationships with magic makers and their muselings as part of the community that Chenai and Sammy have built.


I spend my time being an inner north girly who loves inner north girly things. I am originally from WA though so like to think I am a little more down to earth than some of the north siders we are all familiar with … I can be cheeky and have been told I get that from my love of Ru Paul’s Drag Race - thank you to covid for the enabling of binging.


As for the boring bits I previously worked in construction doing operations and administration management. I joined Rainbow Muse during a time where I am learning to be my most authentic self. I have lived and living experience of a sometimes tricky brain and am excited to be my most honest self navigating this alongside others. I am listening to my heart as it guides me to unpack my privilege and understanding of life and what I have been told it ‘should’ be by patriarchy, colonial and systemic structures.


I am not good at singing my own praises but one of my muselings insisted I include the following so that people can know what to expect: Jess is kind and intuitive. She sees things in me that I don’t in myself and sees the world with a beautiful optimism alongside the sometimes heartbreaking realities. She is patient and cares a whole lot. She shows this in her actions and words and simple presence. She loves people authentically and wholly and will hold anyone’s hand when they need her too. She holds space whatever that may look like and creates safety and comfort while fostering a trust and beyond. She meets you wherever you are in your stage of lifelong healing. Her instinct is not to focus on the power dynamics that can exist in supportive relationships. Instead she sees you human to human. From IKEA flat packs to stacking the dishwasher. She is beautiful with all beings, pets included. Even the ones that show love by licking and covering her in fur. She is beautiful.

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