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meet Raquel

Raquel Guerrera (She/Her)
BA (Sociology), Masters Art Therapy 
Art Therapist


Hi, I’m Raquel! I am an art therapist and I am very excited to join the Rainbow Muse team! 


I studied my Masters of Art Therapy at Latrobe University. I have worked with youth in a residential setting where I ran art therapy groups focusing on expression and mindfulness. I am currently working at a primary school, where I run 1:1 art therapy sessions with kids.


I have worked with kids from lots of different backgrounds. Many coming from families who have recently migrated to Australia or fleeing a difficult situation in their home country. Others have witnessed family violence and have been separated from their immediate families. I have noticed that art can offer a space where these kids have the freedom to choose! Which is so important when a lot of our lives can feel so out of our control.  


I understand trauma and social justice issues are linked and I keep this in mind when working with my clients. I also try to be aware of what I bring to the space through lots of self reflection.


What I love about art Therapy is that it can help us externalise feelings, almost separating them from ourselves. This process can help give us perspective to better understand ourselves and the world, and to make sense of our personal experiences. I am fascinated in the way art making can help us self sooth and process trauma. I believe a client knows what they need when they come to the space and I try to follow their lead! My approach to art therapy is gentle and empowering. I focus a lot of attention on building rapport and trust, making sure the space feels safe and reliable.



Throughout my life, I have been on a journey towards art therapy. From a very young age, I preferred making art over speaking. Making art has a number of benefits for me, I especially noticed its power in forcing me to be present. I personally like using natural materials in my own time to ground me and create a connection to the environment. 


My parents both migrated to Australia with their families. Witnessing their experiences has helped me recognise my own privilege in living here, especially considering our history on this land. My home environment has inspired me to be aware of social justice issues surrounding migrants, refugees and first nations people. The learning around these topics will be ongoing for me. I love learning about society, gender, different cultures and the idea of creating community and connection, particularly in creative spaces.


I love nature, drinking tea and have recently become a mother. Becoming a parent has been a very big learning in itself. This has helped me really move into being able to sit with big feelings, for both myself and others.


I am most excited about joining a clinic that prioritises marginalised communities and CELEBRATES diversity! 

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