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Rainbow Muse Art Therapy Melbourne

I became an Art Therapist because I found creative expression to be a useful way of expressing the many things that fly around in my head. The past couple of days I have felt overwhelmed by social media. I scroll and see so much disempowerment and disregard for people who don't meet the mould of the status quo. I drew this representation and wrote a poem and felt mush better after. It can be exhausting feeling left out of discourses that impact and involve you. Today I allow myself to express that so tomorrow I can return to holding safe spaces from a place of love.


I feel so tired, Deeply overwhelmed , From the defensive mode And performance act. My sense of self, Layers of my being, Constantly under attack Fighting for legitimacy.

Sunshine and rainbows, Serve to distract, Weird woman of colour, Sensitive like a sun drenched bat. As I scroll, All that is see, Is different ways, The world is attacking me.

Me and my people, Our badge of intersectionality, We are the “other”, Invisible to the mainstream. Law makers choose, To give and take rights. I weep from inside, This is my life!

As I sit, Surrounded by those they discuss, Men with uteruses, Cis-ters I love. All the “weirdos”, Different colours and faiths, When you talk about “them” Do you really see us?

We are trained to take perspective, It’s how we survive, The world is designed, For able-bodied, het, cis, male, whites. All I ask, Is to consider those who don’t fit, Constantly adjusting, Trying to co-exist.

I feel so tired, Today my light is dim, Tommorow I’ll burst with colour, Give off rainbow love and delight! But for now I rest, I’m oh so tired. Being different is hard, I do forget it’s a fight.

- Chenai

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